Sunday, July 24, 2016

Eduroam and Ubuntu 16.04

My new laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 wouldn't connect to eduroam, but it was fine connecting at home to my modem. And my old laptop connected using Ubuntu 15.10. Why? I checked my credentials and settings. They were all correct and as recommended. I read all the blog entries by show-off geeks trying to explain what worked for them though they couldn't explain why. Yes there have been some small changes to the interface of the network manager connection editing tool, but nothing substantial has changed. Before you go and bang your head against a brick wall at least check this first:

It's easy to forget when setting up a new machine that eduroam requires (or whatever), that is, the full location including the site name because it is a global service, not a local one. That's what got me, although a comprehensible error or even log message would have helped. As is often the case, the problem lay not in the technology but in the question itself.

That didn't work for you? Oh well. The brick wall is that way ↦.

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